Sociology 100A and 100E PDF’s

Week1_Diversity Makes You Brighter – The New York Times

Week1_Mills_the promise

Week2_Frank Sinatra Has a Cold – Gay Talese – Best Profile of Sinatra

Week3_Pages from Hall1997

Week4_Situationist International Online


Week7_Pages from Emile-Durkheim-Rules-of-Sociological-Method-1982

Week8_The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Week10_Pages from 1949_simone-de-beauvoir-the-second-sex

Week10_Pages from bell_hooks-feminism_is_for_everybody

Week11_Pages from bell-hooks-black-looks-race-and-representation

Week12_Pages from Foucault_Michel_Discipline_and_Punish_The_Birth_of_the_Prison_1977_1995

Week13_Pages from Benjamin_Walter_The_Arcades_Project

Week14_Orion Magazine | State of the Species


Sociology 100 A glossary of terms. 

Since our text book does not contain a glossary, here is one. This is not meant for memorization, but for actualization.


Those Yoga Poses May Not Be Ancient After All, And Maybe That’s OK

That yoga pose you’ve been practicing may not be as ancient as you thought. In fact, journalist Michelle Goldberg says that most of the poses that we do in modern yoga classes have no antecedent beyond 150 years ago.

“Probably the greatest myth is when you do these poses, when you do sun salutations or the warrior poses, that that there’s some sort of continuity to what yogis were doing 3,000 years ago on the banks of the Ganges, and that’s just not true,” Goldberg tellsFresh Air‘s Terry Gross.

Writing Assignment 5

Sociological Lens this week:

Your weekly further reading:

The Tragedy of the Commons, Hardin, 1968:

In 500 words or less, write a manifesto for living that incorporates temperance, modesty, and low consumption.


Due on June 17 – in class or online at midnight.

Writing Assignment 4

This Week – Feminism:




Write a 500 word intro/or brief proposal/ “a pitch” on some aspect of culture that could use a feminist review.

In other words, like the Atlantic article about the Tampon, what other aspects or material items need a thorough review of their origin from a feminist perspective?

Due in class on June 10, or submitted online by midnight.