When Things are Due – For Sociology Classes I Teach.


October 14 – Sociology 100E Midterm 1 6:30pm-8:30pm

October 19 – Sociology 269 – Paper #2 Due in class. -20% per day if late.

October 22 – Sociology 100E Writing Assignment #3. See the assignment in an earlier post.

October 22 – Sociology 212 – Paper # 1 Due – Marx and My Interest.

October 27 – Sociology 271 (Family) Midterm.

November 19 – Sociology 271 – Group project Due.

A few useful sources.

If you are writing – please consult some additonal sources to help with writing.

A good idea is to record your own voice and play it back – or use grammarly, or let your computer dictate your written words aloud.

APA_Mini_Guide (OWL)

Suplementary Guide (Written by screen-writer Pablo Garcia).

Writing Marking Rubric (The Standard Writing Rubric I use)

How to Write Good – http://www.plainlanguage.gov/examples/humor/writegood.cfm