Sociology 271 – The Family – MeetUP and Group Assignment

Hi Family Folks.

2 Things.

1 – Lets meet in Room – 233*  Tomorrow October 1, 1pm-2pm.

This is in-lieu of the failed Webinar.

2 – Group Assignment.

Note* I am shifting the weight of the final from 30% to 25%. And, the group project from 10% to 15%.

Group Projects – Worth 15% of final grade. 

Groups shall consist of 2-4 people. 

You are responsible for making up your own groups. 

Please let me know who is in your group ASAP and I will post groupings on Moodle so others can see. 

The grade your group achieves, is the grade you get individually. 

For example, if your group project is awarded 68%, all group members get 68%.

The project: 

Put your futurist Hats on… Using what you have learned in this course, your goal is to make a convincing and creative set of predictions based on what you think, Family, will look like, or be known as in the year – 2075

One brief example (year – 2030) – http://www. the

Meet the families of 2030: the factors shaping future …
As the make up of family units change, Fiona Bennie predicts what families of the future might look like and asks how brands can play a part
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Futurist projections have a way of feeling far-fetched and all too often, apocalyptic – i.e., – so I would suggest steering clear of the apocalyptic versions of doom.

Instead, for this project I think it might be more fruitful to think positively, even if it seems a bit naive – one example of future thinking positively, and about the resilience of human beings:

So, what are you creating? What am I expecting? 

• A standard paper – 4-7 pages is acceptable, (with elegantly readable pages, proper citations and formatting, the labour of 3 authors needs to be evident by the documents bullet-proof-ness). 

a non-standard paper – with writing, and images, or drawings.

a creative project, based on any kind of media, sounds, textures, smells, etc. (for example, you might want to invite another group over for a dramatization where you play out your imagined futurist family)… 

a video…

a podcast or audio show of some kind….

Please come and see me, or send a representative from your group if you are lost or if you want more rules.


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