Soc 100, Fall 2015. Writing Assignment 1. Due Sept 9.


Specifically, this assignment is for you to build a 1 page essay from the brainstorming and planning exercise we did in class. If you make reference to outside sources, please do created a works cited, or bibliographic list, properly formated in APA or MLA.

You may be interested to know that using a reference program like ( or another referencing system of your choice might make you more productive, and help to aleviate the errors that come from trying to reproduce refernce lists. I like Zotero because they offer syncing across devices, and offer online and offline tracking.

So, what are you writing about specifially? This time, I want you to use the planning and brainstorming board we created in class to write a coherent narrative. You are free to change and swap out any aspects you want, and you are not requirted or expected to include everything. Part of the job here is to find a way through that is thought provoking, compelling and reads well. Remember to read it out loud, to a friend, and accept teh feedback to make changes. Writing is an itterative process and is a practice.

In each of your weekly writing assignments –

I need to see

A catchy title, with a very descriptive sub-title.

Your name, and the course name: Sociology 100E – Fall 2015.

My Name – Dr. Andriko Lozowy.

Followed by – your brief essay, which may take the shape of an argument or an exploration.

Simply put I am looking for the structure to be:


Body 1

Body 2

Body 3


You will submit your work in class, 1 page. Please use Times New Roman at 12Pt Font. Double Spaced. If you go past 1 page, best is bouble sided rather than a second piece of paper.

You will receive comments and suggestions for what you have done well and what needs improvement.

Over the course of our 14 weeks together you will be expected to improve your writing skills.2015-09-02 20.13.30

Marking Rubric / 25


Very Good




Demonstrated grasp of the issues/argument
Force of


and style




Quality of Insight

and analysis



I hope that this is enough information to get you all started. Remember these are small assignments in terms of weight and the plan is for grades to improve as we move through the semester.

What I mean to say here is don’t panic – instead, keep calm and carry on, you already know a lot, all we are doing here is working to do better together.