Writing Assignment 3

Symbolic Interactionism and Trickle Creek, Alberta

reality is seen as social, developed interaction with others

Background Information:



Your Assignment

(As writing inspiration) Take a look at https://medium.com/about/welcome-to-medium-9e53ca408c48

Read the about page that makes comments like, “even the best writers need editors,” and “if you’ve got something to share, hump in.”

In 500 words or less, given what you know about Trickle Creek and the issues the community has faced, including any actions that may be linked to the community, write a first person narrative that gives a view of Trickle Creek through the lens of, Symbolic Interactionism (reality generated by social interactions).

Use “I”

As in, “the way I see it, the interactions between energy companies and the Trickle Creek colony…”.

Either upload the assignment or bring me a paper copy.

Due – June 3rd at midnight.