Soc 100E – Winter 2016 – Act 3


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Hi Folks – Sociology 100E – Winter 2016

Syllabus Update.

March 21 – Midterm 2 (grades on Moodle).

March 28 – No class. Read Chapter 22, Population.

April 4 – Class. Chapter 13, Gender. + We will Watch: CBC, Transforming Gender + Discussion.

April 11 – Class. Chapter 14, Race and Ethnicity. + We will watch: NFB, The People of Kattawapiskak River.

Final Exam will cover the following:


Multiple Choice Questions – on Chapters 13, 14 & 22.

Written questions on Transforming Gender + The People of Kattawapiskak River.




A whole bunch of Links – Watch, Listen, Read

Hi folks, ask not, is this on the next exam, but rather, ask, how can I engage my mind to expand, stretch and move beyond the limits of my current thinking…


Healing Force. Class 1…


Maybe we need to think beyond techno determinism…

As sexy as the digital revolution may be, it can’t compare to the Second Industrial  Revolution (electricity! the gas engine! antibiotics!), which created the biggest standard-of-living boost in U.S. history.  The only problem, argues the economist Robert Gordon, is that the Second Industrial Revolution was a one-time event. So what happens next?”

Thinking outside the box sort of stuff around, the service industry:

“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis




Going Clear – Rough and Raw Notes

March 4, 2016 – Sociology 100A – Going Clear.

• John Travolta – “you name me another religion/philosophy, where Joy is the operative tenet.”

  • The narrative of, being young, full of questions, and looking for answers
  • In the course pack, “don’t believe any of this, if it works for you, great, if not, then discard it.”
  • Ask yourself, what does it mean to sit, directly across from someone and, look, into their eyes.
  • A gateway to a “transcendent experience.”
  • Sea Org – Sign a Billion Year Contract.
  • Thought I was doing a good thing for all of mankind.
  • Hubbard’s words tell the reader that what you do, here and now, will have an effect forever.
  • “I’ve studied 21 primitive races, including the white race.”
  • “Man was a spiritual being, pulled down into the everyday, and Hubbard see’s himself as offering some help.”
  • Hubbard wrote Pulp Fiction, paid a Penny A Word, he holds the Guinness book of records for publishing over 1000 books.
  • He wrote stories with a sense of mission, to get man to the stars.
  • HIs philosophy of scientology is actually rooted in his work as an author of fiction.
  • He later created a theology, out of the fiction of his earlier writings.
  • Jack Parsons, a significant scientific figure, but was also a leader of the OTO, a sexual magic cult, inspired by Allister Crowley.
  • Hubbard moved in, and became Parson’s assistant.
  • Hubbard lied to his first wife, Sarah ________, told her stories about being blinded and crippled during the war. The records show only mild arthritis and conjunctivitis.
  • Got married because he told her that he would kill himself if she didn’t marry him.
  • He said he would kill his first wife than let her leave him.
  • “The only good thing I got from Rob, was my Baby.
  • 1950 – he started to write Dianetics.  “The modern science of mental health”
  • “The only way to make any money was to start a religion, because the gov doesn’t take money from religions.”
  • The Book was a success immediately.
  • The theory of the book is to discover the troubling things in your life, and to uncover them, to remove the power.
  • The concept is about 2 sides of your mind, the flawless and the reactive (neurosis)
  • Engrams’ are like memories. (An automobile accident you can’t recover from in the mind)
  • An Auditor is a practitioner in Scientology.
  • The meter, shows where the person is abberated.
  • The E meter is 1/3 a lie detector, also measures heart rate and perspiration, according to Scientology it measures the mass of thoughts.
  • Mental mass increases and so the resistance to the electrical current is increased.
  • The goal is to discharge the emotion.
  • Much like freudian therapy, but with Scientology they ask further,
  • The EMeter – “confirms” that your imaginative mind is operating.
  • When you come out of an auditing session, you feel euphoric.
  • “Man is Asleep, he is hypnotized”
  • Hubbard, wanted to be a psychological success. They saw it as psychological Folk Art.
  • The idea is to remove the traumatic memories, meant that you were “CLEAR.”
  • Claimed that Going Clear = higher IQ, more regular.
  • Ron gave lectures for large amounts of $, i.e, people would pay $500/person, and his wife saw that he was hoodwinking people.
  • He began to believe that he was a saviour and a hero.
  • He was convinced that he had the cures for the psychological ills of mankind.
  • He thought that the medical industry was interested in keeping people sick.
  • He Kidknapped the baby, and took the kid to Cuba.
  • He told his wife that he killed the baby, and that he cut the baby up…
  • When Sarah left him, he cut off her money.
  • After the success of Dianetics, he re packaged the ideas as SCIENTOLOGY –
  • He came up with a payment plan for time with the EMTER.
  • He knew that people would pay for higher and higher levels of courses, to get the “spiritual success.”
  • The system became a pay to play model – people paid to get clear.
  • On the basis that it was a non-profit religious organization, and tried to dodge the IRS.
  • When Scientology was under scrutiny in the 1960’s he went into hiding.
  • Early members were convinced that the can and could change the world.
  • “Letters to members, would say, don’t tell anyone.”
  • In the early 1960’s he was under investigation by several counties. – So he took to the high seas with 3 ships – going port to port.
  • July 1968 – “I am studying ancient civilizations.”
  • He believed that he had lived various lives in the Mediterranean.
  • He believed that his previous lives, had buried treasure for him to find in this lifetime.
  • LRH, began to devise a system of penatlies, i.e., you would get thrown over board.
  • The system of penalties became key to how the institution works.
  • “The one man in the world who does not believe he is mad, is a madman.”
  • There is a social aspect to it, people who are interested in improving their lives.
  • He hid from public view, but within the organization he was very influential.
  • Scientology billed itself as a way to get high without drugs.
  • Scientology offered people in hollywood what appeared to be a more stable route.
  • I.e., John Travolta –
  • The CELEBRITY Centre.
  • A place for people in Hollywood, to come and get clear.
  • As a young man, he was troubled, After some Scientology, clearing he began to book all his gigs.
  • In the 80s he was Scientology’s biggest star.
  • At first he wasn’t even that into it – but he began to believe that if he left his fame would dissolve.
  • At first it seems logical. As you go on – the logic seems to dissipate.
  • The idea of the Bridge is the way to become more Able, to become an Operating Thetan (A Spiritual Being) OT8 – OT (Can read minds, and they were cause over matter).
  • At OT3 – the garbled story, handwritten notes – that they say, if this gets out it would be dangerous to those who are not ready for it.
  • OT3 – the hand written notes, speak of Earth as the Prison Planet.
  • I’m down for the self help stuff, but the creating Myth is that 75 million years ago people live in a 1950’s life. The Cars look the same. The roads look the same to the 1950’s. A big problem was over population. XENU was the galactic overlord – he had people come in for audits, and they would be sent off in space planes, and sent to TEJEEAK and dropped into Volcano’s and nitrogen bombs would be dropped. And the 3D supercollosal every man is shown crucified. When a Child is born a THEtan will leap into the body, More than 1-1000 theta may crowd into the body. These all need to be dealt with. Now at OT3 you scan yourself, you audit yourself, and you work to get rid of all of the souls out of yourself. You kind of go crazy thinking about yourself as infested by these spirits.
  • The years of introspection leave you feeling so bad, that it is hard to even be okay with how bad you are.
  • The auditing becomes a mechanism to remind yourself that you are BAD.
  • A mode of believing is to rationalize the mind control by telling yourself that you are bad.
  • Scientology can be seen as a way for Hubbard to deal with his own life, a kind of self therapy.
  • Hubbard became more paranoid – he wanted someone to build a machine that would kill the thetan, and a way to kill himself.
  • Scientology is a Journey into the Mind of L Ron Hubbard.
  • 24 Jan 1986 – LRH discarded the Body. (Left no plan for succession)
  • David Miscavige, stepped forward and took control of the church.
  • Tom De Vocht – worked under Miscavige.
  • Marty Rathbun –
  • Miscavige must continue to believe, because if he looks at it rationally, then he would step away.
  • Miscavige was an auditing prodigy. (Joined with his parents at 11)
  • Miscavige was behind the style of defence, against the criticism.
  • Scientology, takes any criticism very seriously.
  • “Breaking into offices, framing people, poisoning dogs”
  • As the spokes people – they worked to evade the questions and defend the organizations.
  • Scientology is seen by Scientologists as the salvation of the world.
  • Rehabilitation Project Force – (Prison Camp – 7th Floor of the hollywood centre)
    • Sent there if you were part of the organization and were harbouring negative thoughts about the organization. The idea was that menial work, + 5 hours of training.
    • Cadet Org – where they would take the children.
    • Disciplinary functions of SEA ORG – would get pregnant and they would be pressured to have abortions.
    • “Obviously I need to deal with something I am not facing”
  • The only way to get away is to ESCAPE (Um, Cult?)
  • An Auditor learns to take scrupulous notes on every single person who is audited. As a participant you are encouraged to reveal more and more and more. They material is kept, as a way to hold against you if need be.
  • Travolta was rumoured to leave – so Scientology pulled together a BLACK Package that included all the material that could be used against Travolta.
  • By threatening to expose some secrets, you will cower the person.
  • Holding secret material against the person, not seen as Blackmail by the Church
  • Travolta became the “Church’s Captive”
  • Travolta would defend the church.
  • He had the choice to walk away, perhaps fear held him back?
  • Hubbard argued that Scientology was a religion, and he refused to pay taxes.
  • Scientology filed 2400 cases against the IRS and individual people.
  • Scientology fought the IRS.
  • IRS and The church began to negotiate.
  • “How do you define a religion?”
  • The IRS is entitled to make the distinction between what a religion is or is not.
  • Once decided as a religion – OCT 1, 1993 – The IRS issued letters to acknowledge the Church of Scientology as a Religion, became tax exempt.
  • The IRS surrendered. because the IRS wanted the lawsuits to go away.
  • The IRS said okay, we will let the Church become church – and people could make tax deductible donations.
  • The church pitches itself as being the underdog, and they need money to defend against litigation.
  • Churches are supposed to provide public good.
  • Hoarding money is not the idea.
  • Instead, they have bought a lot of property.
  • Labour costs are basically Zero -they pay their people very low, i.e, 50$/week.
  • Have amassed 1.5billion Dollars.
  • A non profit has amassed $1.5B.
  • FBI has investigated the Church in regards to human trafficking, child labour, abuse, etc.
  • The religious clause of the 1st amendment, protects the Church from investigation because actions get read as within the practices of the religion.
  • Scientologists struggle to explain what they believe –
    • It takes 7 years and a few hundred thousand dollars to finally get to the point at which you get to hear about XANU the overlord.
  • Nicole Kidman becomes a potential trouble source for the church, because her father was a prominent psychologist.
  • Nicole pulled Tom away from Scientology and Miscavige.
  • The break up with Kidman was facilitated by the Church.
  • Miscavige would get daily reports on Tom Cruise.
  • The church conducted detailed surveillance on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
  • The church worked to turn their children against Nicole so that Tom would get custody.
  • 2004 Tom Cruise the Most Significant Scientologist ever.
  • Tom Cruise as the Biggest Ambassador of Scientology ever.
  • “Scientology is about improving conditions.” TC
  • Tom Cruise as a Huge ASSet to Scientology.
  • ENPhenomena – The highest level of the BRIDGE to enlightenment.
  • SEA ORG members make 40 cents per hour.
  • The GOLD Facility. Like a dream retreat for Cruise. – A place to pump up Cruise’s EGO.
  • Side by side world, or Travolta and Cruise, and people who have been abused.
  • Scientology makes people Sign NonDiscosureAgrements.
  • Nazanin was moved into the celebrity centre.
    • Scientology made up NAZANIN under the auspices of helping the world.
    • She realized that she was to be the girlfriend of Cruise
  • Miscavige used violence and torture to – punish anyone who would speak against him.
  • In the mean time, you are thinking to yourself, “I must have really screwed up.”
  • People are abused mutually and physically.
  • Miscavige as the Manipulator. Create a prison Camp.
  • Within the church, people would say, I want to be here. This is of my own will.
  • “Here’s the Bottom line, there is no Violence in the Church.”
  • For those who leave, if they can, they might finally come to the realization that “this is nuts.”
  • The pressure to continue the auditing – is immense.
  • Marty Rathbun and Jason Beghe – started a blog – a little higher.
  • For speaking out – the wrath is vicious.
  • Paul haggis’s daughters were harassed for being gay – the only way to “cure” being gay was through scientology.
  • Paul Haggis left after 30 years, in 2009 –
  • People are indoctrinated or they grow up, and leaving becomes almost impossible.
  • Disconnecting from family and friends is very socially disruptive.
    • Ask yourself, what do you do if your whole social network is lost?
    • “Sorry Grandma, I love you, but I have to disconnect from you.”
  • How controlling is any religion over any of its adherents.
  • Scientology has perfected the mechanisms of control
  • Your future, is controlled by your place on the bridge.
  • When inside, you will not be exposed to any critical material.
  • Once inside, you justify.
  • Cults prey on people, they tell you that you need to think for yourself, they they tell you what to think.
  • When someone is speaking out against scientology – the church will come after you – in order to smear and destroy people and their reputations.
  • Threats against what the person values.
  • The Church will do anything to keep miscavige from testifying.
  • The membership is at 50,000 people, but the $ holdings are soaring. They make investments and buy real estate for all kinds of property – now 3 Billion in assets.
  • Now, the church does not have a public face. No interviews.
  • What could happen next?
    • IRS could reconsider the Tax Exemption.
    • Or, Celebrities could turn against the church.

End Quotes.

  • Marty Rathbun, I regret and I am ashamed
    • We lock up a part of our mind.
    • We willingly negate a part of our mind
    • We make sure we don’t need to think for ourselves.
    • Leaving is all about shame.